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Elevator is the complete e-commerce solution for SBT Professional Series. Not only will Elevator move SBT data "up and down" to the web; Elevator will take your business to the next level.


The Elevator Components

Elevator consists of three components which work together to provide complete and automatic integration of your SBT and your web site. The center of the solution is the Dynamic Catalog. This data driven web site will provide your customers with real time inventory, order and account status. Your customers will also be able to place orders on the web site using our shopping cart. These orders will, of course import directly into your SBT.

Behind the scenes, you will configure your SBT with the Elevator SBT Function Set. These programs have been designed not to invade any SBT source code. By adding fields like picture files, additional item descriptions, and item-stock settings through the Data Dictionary, we enhance SBT data for e-commerce. The SBT Function Set gives you complete control over items that appear on the Dynamic Catalog.

The key to the automation of Elevator is the ELFtp component. This program waits for events to trigger data transfers. ELFtp will run on any SBT compatible workstation with any type of internet connection. (No costly permanent internet connection needed!) ELFtp will automatically connect to the internet and transfer the necessary data on a schedule you control. The SBT Function Set will include standard ELFtp events that all SBT users will require. And, since source code is provided for the event scripts, you can customize these events or add your own.


ELFtp File Transfer Program Features

ELFtp File Transfer Program acts as a ‘robot’ moving data between your web site and your SBT. This can be done with a standard dial up Internet account. No costly permanent Internet connection is needed.

  • Each event can be scheduled for customized frequency of data updates.
  • ELFtp will automatically connect to the Internet when events are triggered if there is not a permanent internet connection.
  • Scripts are executed before uploading files to the Internet to extract only the data necessary for the web site.
  • Scripts are executed after downloading files from the Internet to import the data into SBT.
  • Wildcard features allow sending complete folders of information, such as all bitmap images required for the catalog.

    Set up events and their procedures in the "General" tab.

    Schedule events to run automatically. Use wildcards to control frequency. The time range will shut off ELFtp during system backups.


    Elevator SBT Function Set Features

    SBT Function Set configures the Dynamic Catalog, and enhances the SBT inventory and customer databases for e-commerce.

  • Elevator adds new fields to SBT’s customer and inventory files via the data dictionary to enhance SBT data for e-commerce.
  • Elevator maintains new fields and set-up features via ‘custom menu programs’ - SBT source code is not modified!
  • Common SBT data transfer scripts are provided (with source code) for use with ELFtp. These include uploading inventory, pricing, order status and downloading orders, payments and new customers

    SBT users with access to the Elevator Item screens will be able to identify which items are for sale on the web site. They will also selectthe pictures (jpg or gif) to use on the site, and the corresponding descriptions.

    The user also controls how the web site will handle out of stock situations, and "clearance" check boxes allow links on the web site to pull up select groups of products.

    In the Related Items page, the user identifies which products are complimentary, accessories, or related to the item. These items are accessed by selecting "Related Items" in the Dynamic Catalog.

    Keywords can be defined so that the web shopper can easily find products on the site.

    In the Elevator Customer screen, the customer's password is maintained.


    Dynamic Catalog Features

    Dynamic Catalog allows your customers to check their account status, look up items and place order directly from on your web site. The catalog based shopping cart is dynamically created with your SBT data. The Dynamic Catalog will calculate shipping, sales tax, and process credit cards all via your web site.

  • Customized catalog web site allows search by item number, product line, or key words
  • Customer login retrieves data from the SBT customer databases to validate credit limit, shipping address, sales tax and pricing

  • Customers can inquire account balance and order status on line

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